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Feeling Overwhelmed? - Seven practical ways to overcome...

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here are seven practical ways to overcome your overwhelming:

1) Step away from the place where you are feeling overwhelmed. Stepping out from the current situation and even changing your physicality will help you gain clarity, and shift you away from the overwhelmed state of mind. Stepping away empowers you to view your circumstances from a fresh perspective.

2) Discover what is most important. Many times, you can get so caught up in the doing, that you forget why you are doing a certain thing. Focus on doing things that are important to you, instead of lots of unimportant tasks that overwhelm you.

3) Journal-Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, there is likely a lot going on inside your head. Ideas and thoughts swimming in your mind, cluttering up your mental space. The best thing to do is to dump these thoughts out through writing what’s on your mind. Ask yourself...What is factual? What are feelings? Begin to lean into the facts.

4) Give up control to a higher power (relinquish self reliance and embrace a God dependency).

5) Ask for help and allow help.

6) Create boundaries- setting boundaries creates healthy relationships with self and others.

7) Shut out noise and add in some healthy self-care: at the end of your day do something that slows your mind down. Take good care of yourself. You are worth it!

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