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Your NOW Life

Dr. Leslie Weatherhead has put together a formula that calculates our lifetime based on the hours of a single day. The number of our days can begin to add up quickly when thinking about our life in that way. However, each of us has a deposit of 24 hours each day and we get to decide what we do with it. The Psalmist David declared that our lives typically last three score and 10 or 70 years…though we might live into our 80s or 90s and beyond. We really do not know how many

days we have on this earth exactly, but we can choose how we use the time we have. To number

our days, I believe, means to calculate how you live your life. So be careful with how you live,

connect and influence others and most of all… how well you love. What you do in your NOW

life is everything. If you find yourself stuck in how you are living your NOW life…ask for

assistance and get unstuck!

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